Transformative Commercial Roof Restorations

Restoring Damaged Commercial Roofs in Norman

Detailed Commercial Roof Restoration

Many business owners believe a total replacement or repeated repairs are the only options for a roof on its last legs. Fortunately, a commercial roof restoration is available to businesses in Norman, OK. You get a new protective layer over your existing roof with a restoration.

Guardian Construction Group offers commercial roof restorations in Norman, OK, and beyond. We provide modern restoration systems to prevent replacements when you want a long-lasting and affordable way to restore your building’s roof. Our experts accurately identify damage from water and mold and apply a protective covering.

At Guardian Construction Group, we understand how stressful getting significant repairs can be. No matter your roof’s size or restoration needs, our team provides detail-oriented mold and water restoration. We use effective equipment and top-quality roofing coatings to make your flat-top roof last for years.

Benefits of a Commercial Roof Restoration

Before choosing a replacement, consider saving money. A commercial roof restoration from Guardian Construction Group in Norman offers many excellent benefits.

Between speed, longevity, and environmental consciousness, restorations are a no-brainer. Upfront and long-term cost benefits are also possible.

Without a detail-oriented team like Guardian Construction Group, you could get an incomplete restoration or face other problems. Our team helps businesses reap the following advantages.

Reusing your old material: Your commercial roof doesn’t have to go to a landfill. Instead, the existing roof stays in place, and we apply a protective coating over it.

Reduced carbon footprint: Keeping your original roofing system doesn’t contribute to environmental waste.

Increased energy savings: Unique ENERGY STAR-rated roof coatings help reflect UV rays from your facility and decrease your energy needs while keeping staff and visitors cool.

Faster and easier: A restoration takes much less time than a total replacement.

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Reasons to Get a Restoration vs. Replacement

A roof replacement costs more than a restoration as it requires significantly more work to remove the roof and reinstall it. A restoration can help you save thousands.

Replacements take significantly longer. Our streamlined restoration process will pass quickly if your roof is an ideal candidate. We inspect your roof, then begin restorations with your approval.

Our technicians can resolve pooling water, leaks, damaged roof coatings, and more. We discuss your concerns during an initial consultation.

Commercial Roof Coating Systems

At Guardian Construction Group, we use two types of commercial roof restoration coatings ideal for modified bitumen or a metal roof. Acrylic coatings prove exceptionally flexible and can last up to 20 years with proper care. Roofers reinforce them during the restoration process to increase protective qualities and durability.

Silicone provides even more protection for your commercial roof. It’s highly durable, resistant to ponding water, and may last for up to 50 years.