Individualized Solar Roofing

Cut your energy costs significantly with solar roofing! Call Guardian Construction Group today!

Oklahoma residents and businesses that pay high energy costs or want to expand need to save money. As electricity costs rise each year, solar roofing has gained popularity lately. Solar roofing is available to transform your energy consumption.

At Guardian Construction Group in Norman, OK, we provide solar roofing installations. We develop and install the perfect solar roofing system for your property. If you’re paying outrageous electric bills, we can install solar roofing panels so you can begin using solar energy.

Through our partnership with Titan Solar, the nation’s leading provider of rooftop solar solutions, we are bringing the power of solar energy to homes and commercial buildings through our service area.  This is an exciting partnership that makes solar energy, an efficient and affordable option.  We are offering financing for our solar solutions

Reasons To Switch to Solar Power

If you’re hesitant to switch to solar power, speak to the professionals at Guardian Construction Group. We’ve helped several skeptical business owners take the plunge. Our team understands the excellent benefits solar power brings, such as:

Significantly decreased energy bills: Solar energy means you no longer have to pay an electric bill. The sunlight creates your business’s power rather than relying on an electric company. You’ll enjoy decreased monthly energy costs and maybe even a tax credit.

Environmental safety: Solar power has no adverse effect on the environment and runs quietly. Environmentally conscious businesses can rest in knowing that solar roofing keeps their carbon footprint small while their daily operations remain efficient.

An excellent return on investment: Depending on how many solar roofing panels you get, you could produce excess energy. This clean energy quickly pays for itself and is sellable to your local electric company.

No reliance on a central power grid: Because your business isn’t getting power from an electric company with solar roofing, it has no connection to the power grid. Instead, your business becomes self-sufficient. You can operate efficiently even during power outages.

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Solar Roofing Options

Solar roofing allows you to mount solar panels directly to your roofing system. Whether your home or business features a flat roof or a slanted roof, solar roofing offers many options. Guardian Construction Group provides the following choices in rooftop solar systems:

  • Flush mounted systems
  • Tilt-up penetrated roofing systems
  • Self-stabilizing mounted systems

Our team can help you choose from the best residential, commercial and industrial solar array that best suits your needs. We’ll discuss your energy needs, inspect your home or building, and decide whether or not you’re a candidate for solar roofing.


Work With Guardian Construction Group for Solar Roofing

Whether you plan to keep your original roofing system or upgrade, the Guardian Construction Group team in Norman, OK, can successfully install solar roofing for your home or business. We offer years of experience to ensure your roof can withhold solar panels. If you want a low-maintenance way to get energy, we can help.

We offer skilled solar and roofing installers, fast service, reasonable installation costs, and high-quality solar panels and mounting solutions. Our team follows all safety guidelines for the most precise solar panel installation.